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The way this world is heading, if you are NOT PREPARED, you are going to end up becoming a victim of circumstances sooner or later, whether you like it or not!

Tacfit Survival is going to PREPARE YOU for unforseen circumstances and turn you in to a REAL WARRIOR that can make split second descisions on the spot and act to defend yourself and your friends and family and no longer be victimized, ever again.

Tacfit Survival Is A MUST in 21st Century

You cannot rely on someone else to protect you, 95% of the time there is no one around to save you or your partner when someone attacks, so you must be able to think fast and act on the spot to provide yourself and your family the deffence they deserve. Typically, when something happens the police responce is very slow at best and chances are, you or your family will already be victimized and that damage cannot be reversed, even if the bad guy is thrown in jail after the fact.

This new Tacfit Survival Course by Alberto Gallazzi will prepare you for the most unpredictable circumstances and make sure you are READY as can be for anything!

Alberto Gallazzi is the most experienced Safety and Survival professional in this field with a vast experience in special forces and police to back up his knowledge. He is simply the best trainer when it comes to survival and deffence, he will teach you how to prepare your body and mind for anything and show you in follow-along DVD videos what you need to do to make sure you are READY when the time comes to defend yourself and survive in any situation that you may face.

It all comes down to this, are you willing to protect yourself and your family, or stand by and fall victim to the circumstances?

You need to become more of a man, and learn the skills necessary to survive when things turn ugly and no one is around to help you, you need to shape your body and mind to be able to think and act like a warrior, because in this world, when everything is taken away, it becomes survival of the fittest!

TACFIT Survival is Alberto Gallazziʼs expression of this work, and this 15 year friendship he and I have had. I can speak about Alberto in a way that he cannot, so I want to share with you why I believe you should consider listening to his insights into peak human performance.

Besides his incredible pedigree of practical application training special operations teams around the world, as well as his service as an airborne commando in the Italian special forces, he has protected some of the worldʼs most targeted individuals such as the Italian Prime Ministerʼs family, George Clooney, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham.

When you have very limited time, standing very long hours at post protecting high profile clientele, you cannot afford superfluous training. Your training must be laser precise, time-efficient, and involve accelerated recovery. If youʼre beaten up, riddled with aches and pains, and unable to move with grace and power, then you're by definition practicing “un-fitness". Most approaches, Alberto found, are unfit exercise.

Due to his background, Alberto found himself traveling around the world training TACFIT: throughout the Middle East, across the European Union, into Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as highly metropolitan cities in North, Central and South America. He has introduced this to other units and personnel more than any other individual in the world, even myself.

One country in particular, Israel, has adopted TACFIT into their secret training facilities, where Alberto became one of the few outsiders in the world to teach. Having studied various forms of Krav Maga for many years, Alberto won the world championships in Hisardut, also known as “Survival” Jiujitsu, under the original founder Dr. Dennis Hanover.

To support his training of this powerful, practical martial art, Alberto asked me if he could create a TACFIT protocol to prepare him for the techniques and tactics in Hisardut. Naming it “TACFIT Survival” - he has created one of the most consolidated, time- efficient, and practical exercise approaches I have ever had the honor of awarding the TACFIT chevron.

I feel quite privileged to call Alberto my brother. And he and I have traveled the world together training different outfits of every imaginable kind using TACFIT. I trusted him to distill the essence of Survival into this course, and that confidence was well-earned.

This course began 15 years ago, when two martial artists began discussing a concept so controversial that the science didnʼt release until a couple years ago. But we believed so strongly in it, that we invested our individual careers developing together. And now, we have teamed up to share with you the end result of those many years...

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