Takedowns and Takedown Defense for MMA-Anderson Silva


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In Takedowns and Takedown Defense for MMA, Anderson breaks down and examines one of the most important aspects of the sport- dictating where the fight takes place.  In addition to demonstrating how to utilize strikes to stealthily set up single leg takedowns, double leg takedowns, and an assortment of throws, he also covers how to set up takedowns by evading your opponent's strikes.  He unleashes his entire arsenal of throws from the clinch, detailing everything from basic pummeling to elaborate throws.  Next, he moves onto defense, covering not only his most effective methods for evading and halting the single and double leg shot, but also how to use your opponent's takedown attempts to lock in ruthless submission holds.

Takedowns: Set up with strikes
Takedowns:  Countering strikes
Takedowns: Over-under position
Takedowns: Double underhook control
Countering the shot
Countering the single leg: Reversals
Countering the single leg: Submissions
Bonus feature: Training at Wild Card

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