Back Attacks Enter The System Part 2-John Danaher


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John Danaher Reveals Every Detail Of His Back Attack System That Has The Highest Finishing Rate In EBI Overtime History By A Landslide.Death, Taxes & John Danaher’s Back Attack System... these may be the only 3 certainties in life. When John’s guys get the back they almost always finish.  In the UFC, the ADCC, The EBI & Tournaments All Around The World: This System Has Succeeded Far Beyond Any Other.
His athletes keep racking up choke victories against some of the best in the world. John’s athletes have tapped out champions like Yuri Simoes, Romulo Barral, Vagner Rocha, AJ Agazarm, and Luiz Panza, all from the back! Results don’t lie!
It’s one thing to hit these moves in the gym, or against unproven competitors, but these are systems that even the best fall into. Look no further than to when two ADCC gold medalists fought! Yuri Simoes fought Danaher pupil Gordon Ryan in a superfight, and even then, it ended with Gordon taking the back, isolating and trapping Yuri, fencing away all his defenses, and sinking in the choke for the win. This is not an isolated event, either! Gordon did the same thing to Romulo Barral in Abu Dhabi (as he marched to a gold medal finish), choking out the world champion in a matter of minutes from the back. It’s not just Gordon either!
Even after years away from the sport, when Georges St. Pierre returned to the UFC in 2017, it was with the John Danaher Back Attack System that he sunk in his championship-winning rear naked choke. This system has been tested against the best in the world and it has passed with flying colors!
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