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Learning to apply pressure in the Gi comes easy with Rafael Lovato Jr's Pressure Passing System, in his next DVD Instructional Series learn the techniques to create the same amount of pressure No Gi! This 4 Disc set features some of the most powerful, pressure creating positions and passes that Rafael Lovato Jr uses at the Highest Levels of competition, most notably the IBJJF No Gi World Championship and ADCC Submission Grappling World Championship! Understand the strategies Rafael utilizes for a display of powerfully, aggressive guard passing. Aside from World Class instruction shot with multiple camera angles for higher levels of understanding and retention, see the techniques performed in action on his Competition Breakdown disc. If you're a fan of Rafael Lovato Jr's Ultimate Pressure Passing System, his No Gi Pressure Passing concepts DVD is definitely one to add to your arsenal! 
In this No Gi Pressure Passing Breakdown, Rafael reveals all the tricks to translate powerful passing into No Gi. He also lets loose his entire arsenal of submissions from the pass.
Disc 1
Set up for the No Gi Pressure Passing – Intro
Open Closed Guard – Standup
Open Closed Guard with the knee in to side control
Bull Fight Pass to Side Control
Bull Fight Pass to the D’arce
Bullfight Pass to D’arce when the guy turtles
Bullfight Pass to D’arce sit under finish
Bullfight To Stack Pass To The D’Arce
Bullfight Pass to 180 Bake Take
Bullfight To 180 One Arm Back Take
Bullfight To 180 North South Choke
Bullfight To 180 To Mounted Triangle
Disc 2
Headquarters to X Pass
Headquarters to Cross Knee Pass to D’arce to Mount
Headquarters to Shin over the thigh pass set up
Headquarters to Shin to Side Smash
Headquarters to side smash to pass to Guillotine
Headquarters to side smash to head and arm
Headquarters to side smash back take
Headquarters Beat The Scramble: To Windmill Pass To One Arm Guillotine
Headquarters Beat The Scramble: Snap Pass To Mounted Triangle
Disc 3
Side Smash to the Mounted Guillotine
Sit Up Guard To Guillotine
Sit Up Guillotine to Cross Knee Pass
Jumping Kimura
Jumping Kimura Transition To The Back To North South Choke
Butterfly Guard To Forcing The Half Guard To Cross Knee Pass
Butterfly Guard To Forcing The Half Guard To Head Wrap
Disc 4 
Takedown Intro
Takedown Stance
Takedown Double Leg
Takedown Setup Snap Down
Takedown Finish
Takedown Finish From Sprawl
Takedown Timing The Guard Pull
Plus Lovato’s Conditioning For BJJ Routine broken down for you from his personal strength and conditioning coach.
Plus Justin Rader’s New Takedowns For BJJ. Here you see No Gi World Champion and Rafael’s #1 student, break down his No Gi grappling takedown series, to give you the ultimate edge in the match.
Plus you get another set of Lovato’s famous competition breakdowns where you see all these moves in real live competition action and Rafael gives you his mindset and match description to get you inside the mind of a champion.
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