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The Most Comprehensive Course On Triangles Ever Created – By The Greatest Grappling Coach On Earth
John Danaher Calls The Triangle The Most Versatile Submission There Is & In Triangles: Enter The System He Shows All Of the Setups, Chokes, And Armlocks That Will Make This Become Your Go To Move From Bottom Or Top
John Danaher has become the best known and most sought-after grappling coach on Earth and, while he is (by all accounts) a very honorable man, he doesn’t believe in fighting fair. Ever.
"The remarkable properties of the triangle: The triangle is among the most impressive moves in all of Jiu Jitsu. It has many manifestations and variations. One of the best and most unique features is that it is capable of being used as both a strangle and a joint lock at the same time. Usually we are given a choice when we go for a submission - it’s either a strangle or a joint lock - sankaku lets us have our cake and eat it too! Not only does it give us a choice - WE CAN USE THE THREAT OF ONE TO SET UP THE OTHER. For example in a front triangle, the general rule is that the closer my opponents head to my head, the easier the strangle. The further his head moves away - the easier the armlock. Triangles allow us to use several different types of joint locks without releasing the stranglehold, creating real danger for the opponent. Learn to use this unusual dual submission threat of the various triangle variations to get your submission percentages rising!"
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