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Marcos Tinoco is a Marcelo Garcia Black Belt and a Multiple Time Worlds Medalist at the Adult Black Belt IBJJF level
Marcos is here to simplify the lasso guard
Frustrate and destroy all of your competition
Simplify and slow down the game by utilizing the Lasso Guard system Marcos uses against the best
Hold back even the most explosive grapplers
Learn from the best modern day lasso guard player
What’s his secret? The MGA fighter is always able to bring the fight to positions he is strongest in, and his bulletproof lasso guard has brought him tons of success. Now, this world class lasso guard is yours for the taking because Marcos is partnering with BJJ Fanatics to show you how you too can master this important position. See all the sweeps and submissions that have turned Marcos into a fierce competitor with this three-volume set. This is one of the most comprehensive lasso guard instructional sets you will find anywhere! Marcos has a real talent for teaching, and you will work through every detail, leaving no stone unturned, as you dive deeper and deeper into studying the lasso.
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durasi 2 jam
Rilis 2018
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Digital video available for immediate downloading

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