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Frustrated with your training? Are you getting caught in some super difficult situations and can’t find the way out? This instructional is for you! Igor Gracie, the son Jiu Jitsu legend Rolls Gracie and one of the head instructors of the famed Renzo Gracie Academy in New York, takes you through some of his tried and true escapes from some really bad spots. As a member of Jiu Jitsu’s royal family, his training partners are some of the best submission artists in the world. Igor has honed these skills since he was a child in a family full of fighters. Whether you use this instructional as a tool to sharpen your skills or add to your game, you will find some very valuable lessons. Don’t miss out!
Armbar: Stack Escape
Armbar: Bridge Escape
Armbar: Hitchhiker Escape
Armbar: Belly Down Escape
Back Control: Hip Escape
Back Control: Cross Body Escape
Back Control: Rolling Escape
Back Control: Bow and Arrow Escape
Triangle: Posture Escape
Triangle: Stack Escape
Triangle: Pant Grip Escape
Triangle: Sprawl Escape
Triangle: Last Resort
Omoplata: Jump Over
Omoplata: Pant Grip Escape
Omoplata: Pant Grip Escape 2
Kimura: Reversing the Kimura
Kimura: Armbar Counter attack
Kimura: From Closed Guard
Kimura: From North South
Kimura: Side Control To Darce
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Rilis 2017
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