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Fabio Santos Old School Secrets
Saulo interviews long time friend and seventh degree red adn black belt BJJ practitioner Fabio Santos. In this interview Fabio tells his story of how he got started in jiu jitsu in Brazil and made his way to the USA to train Royce Gracie for the first UFC as well as how he eventually ended up in San Diego to open up his gym.
Fabio Santos teaches one of his favorite ways to submit your opponent from the side control by using a collar choke feint to set up the spinning arm bar. He also covers how to break your opponent's grip in the armbar and how to transition into a triangle when unable to finish the armbar submission.
Fabio Santos covers the details on how to bait your opponent to allow you to open their guard and get into position for the single under or double under leg pass. Although some people may consider this style of passing, it still is a highly effective way to pass your opponent's guard.
Fabio Santos teaches a combination sweep from the spider guard. In this lesson we learn to use the spider guard scissor sweep when our opponents are on their knees and to follow up the sweep with a reverse tripod sweep if they decide to stand to avoid the scissor sweep.
Fabio shares two sneaky submissions from the closed guard overwrap position, one for the person on top and one for the guard player. The wrist lock is a quick submission that you can catch when trying to pass the overwrap closed guard position while the punch choke is a way to submit your opponent on the opposite side.
Fabio Santos shares some details on the straight ankle footlock that can make or break the submission during live training. Fabio was the long time teacher to the king of footlocks himself, Dean Lister.
Fabio teaches a sneaky way to catch your opponent in a loop choke from the turtle position. Fabio teaches the set up but also covers the important details on how to angle your body and position yourself to finish the submission.
Fabio Santos teaches how to set up a sneakyand quick armbar submission from the closed guard. He also follows up with a few options in case the submission fails.
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