The Shin Whizzer by Neil Melanson


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Neil Melanson Introduces His Concept Of The Shin Whizzer: One Of The Most Aggressive Attacking Positions You’ll Ever See
Learn One Of The Most Unique Grappling Systems From The Man Who Does Everything Different But Is Feared Among The Best
Neil Melanson Is Here To Walk You Through His Shin Whizzer System
Neil has a background in catch wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No Gi, and other various grappling arts that he has combined to make a deadly game
Neil goes into finite detail about his back attacking system and why he prefers using one hook with crossed ankle underneath his opponent as opposed to both hooks from the back
So What Exactly Do you Get? 
Vol 1:
Shin Whizzer With Upper Arm Crank 
Snap Guard Concepts 
Shin Whizzer Entry
Shin Whizzer Back Take Sequence
Vol 2:
Shin Whizzer To Back Mount Knee compression
Shin whizzer to sankaku to helicopter triangle 
Shin whizzer to omoplata/LeBell lock
Shin Whizzer Tilt to Leg Lace Finish 
Darce/Kimura from Shin Whizzer
Vol 3:
Back step swing reverse triangle body lock 
Judo style sankaku from shin whizzer
Bicep Lock 
Power half to sankaku finish 
Shin Whizzer Funk Roll To Switch Darce 
Funk Roll Ricky Lundell Style
Vol 4:
Shin Whizzer To Arm In Guillotine 
Shin Whizzer To Shultz Front Headlock 
kimura from Shin Whizzer
Turning the corner on front headlock
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