Xande's Diamond Guard: Frame, Shield Elegant, Pedal by Xande Ribeiro


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5-Time World Champion Xande Ribeiro teaches the diamond guard concepts to escaping from side control, mount, and some of BJJ’s toughest positions.
Xande Ribiero uses these side control and mount escape concepts and hasn’t been had been pinned down in his last 15 years of competing at the highest levels of grappling!
See how to frame, shield, pedal, and more with Xande’s specific formula for creating space and getting to guard, turtle position, or back up safely.
Build your guard power with Xande’s recommended strengthening routine you can do anytime.
Xande Ribiero is one of the best grapplers of all-time, with 8-time black belt world championships and some of the most technical and fluid BJJ ever.
From side control, kesa gatame, north south, mount, half mount, technical mount, and more, Xande shows you how to apply the diamond principles to create your escape.
Learn The Super Effective Diamond Concept To Escaping Bad Positions That World Champion & BJJ Legend Xande Ribiero Used To Create An Impassable Guard
What Will You Learn?
Master Xande Ribiero’s diamond principle for escaping from mount and side control and never get held down again, with these creative and effective concepts and techniques. Xande Ribiero is one of the most technical fighters of all-time, and now you can learn the escaping principle that has helped him succeed against the world’s best for the last 15-years.
Escaping from bad positions is one of the most fundamental aspects of grappling, and now you can sharpen this skill with the diamond guard that Xande has developed. Frame properly, shield, elegant, and pedal your way to a better position against tough opponents with the knowledge you will gain on this 4-volume series.
Get out from some of jiu-jitsu’s worst positions, including all the variations from side control and mount that people will use to pin you down, including side control, kesa gatame, north south, mount, half mount, technical mount, and more.
With incredible precision, you can begin to apply this new concept to your game and stop being crushed under these dominant positions. On this series, you will also see the exercises and warmups that Xande recommends for any grappler to build their skills, including exercises for mobility and strengthening that you can do anywhere.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Diamond Concept Overview 
Mobility Drills.
Hip Escape 
Base foot Hip Escape
Single Leg Hip Escape 
Shoulder Escape 
Shoulder Escape 2
Reverse Hip Escape 
Belly Down 
Kickstand Belly Down
Budo Con Switch
Running Step
Hip Switch 
Budo Con Switch to Alligator Roll
Part 2:
Strengthening Exercises Connection Crunches 
Single Side Crunches 
Cross Knee Touches 
Building Resistance 
“Roll Up Roll Down” 
Diamond Crunches 
Understanding Vortex 
Single Leg Hip Escape
Part 3:
Kesa Gatame Elbow control 
Kesa Gatame Collar Control Introducing the Cross Frame 
Kesa Gatame Over Shoulder Control
Top Shield Defense
Super Hold Neutral Escape 
Super Hold Hip To Hip Escape 
Super Hold Sensitivity for Hip to Hip and Kesa Gatame 
Reverse Kesa Gatame Controlling over the Arm 
Kesa Gatame Controlling under the Armpit
Part 4:
Running Escape 
Fail Running Escape to Hip Switch 
Over Under Escape 
North South Escape 
North South Over the Arms 
Oopa Mount Escape 
Stiff Arm Mount Escape 
Top Diamond Reversal 
Half Mount Escape 
Fighting the Legs from Mount 
Alligator Roll from Technical Mount 
Jack Lever from Technical Mount  
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