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Learn The Wrestling Based System For Jiu Jitsu That Other BJJ Guys Can’t Defend
Hudson Taylor’s Wrestling System Can Be Adopted By Anyone
Takedown & Control Younger, Stronger Or Higher Belt Opponents – Even Black Belts.
This Simple System Works For Any Practitioner– Especially Older Guys
Hudson Taylor is a NCAA Division-1 All American Wrestler who won the IBJJF worlds at blue belt after 6 months of training
Now is your chance to gain a competitive edge on your opponents
o What’s On Hudson’s DVD?
DVD 1:
-single wrist set up & control 
-single wrist stack 
-single wrist step over to half 
-reverse arm bar 
-tilt from single wrist 
-cradle off of single wrist  
-power half 
-tilt from legs in 
-counter when opponent sits to hip 
-pin up 
-moneymaker on flexible opponent 
-putting it all together 
DVD 2:
-knee slide drill 
-knee slide to escape 
-wrist reversal
-elevator sweep reversal 
-granby to escape 
-granby to reversal 
-changeover/knee slide drill  
-escape when opponent attacks belly ankle 
-granby roll when opponent attacks belly ankle 
-defense when opponent throws leg in 
-defending the power half 
-defending banana split 
-sit out defense to legs 
-defending power half when opponent sits to butt 
-defending when opponent grabs his own ankle 
-final thoughts 
DVD 3:
-club replacement drill 
-half pull full drill 
-under hook shuck 
-hand fighting sequence from under hook 
-arm drag when opponent has an overtie 
-hand fighting sequence for 2 on 1 
-inside tie/outside tie hand fighting 
-running the pipe single leg 
-Knee block to finish single 
-transition finish to single leg 
-twisting finish to single  
-same side single leg finish 
-finishing the single from knees  
-finishing the single when both guys are on knees  
-finishing the single when opponent Whizzers 
-final thoughts 
DVD 4:
-defense for opponents collar tie  
 -defending the opponents under hook 
-defending the 2 on 1 
-defending the opponents inside tie 
-defending opponents outside tie 
-defending the single when leg is in the middle 
-defending the single leg by bringing the leg inside 
-defending the single when both guys are on the feet  
-defending the single when opponent is on knees 
-defending the single when both guys are on knees  
-far ankle bait 
-conventional defense when both guys are on knees  
-defending the low single
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