Magic Mat Work Part 2 by Hudson Taylor


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Finally Have The Secrets And Tricks Behind Hudson Taylor’s Magic Touch On The Mats Revealed In This 8-Volume Mega Series
After one of the best NCAA pinning careers ever, All-American and ACC Champion Hudson Taylor is here with a full masterclass on how to manage a match and turn anyone
Hudson Taylor is now joining with Fanatic Wrestling to show the mat work and match management that led him to being one of the top-10 NCAA pin leaders of ALL TIME
In this new 8-volume instructional series, Hudson goes through every detail you’ll ever need to pin at the highest levels of the sport. The former Terrapin brings an incredible wealth of knowledge for the viewers
No matter how you prefer to ride on top, there is a highly detailed system here that gives you combinations of moves that you can keep cycling through, always chain wrestling while you work from referee’s position
Whether it’s cradles, tilts, half nelsons, or with boots in, build out your skill set and start picking up back points asap with Hudson’s help
What Exactly Is On This Series? 
Part 5:
Intro to bottom
Bottom wrestling philosophy
Stand up escape
Knee slide
Defense to far knee far ankle
Iron frog drill
Recovery after mat return
Standing granby
Granby from the mat
Part 6:
Cross hand wrist roll
Claw counter
The wave
Bi-pod leg counter
Counter to banana split
Counter to power half
Defending legs when opponent laces ankles
Defending legs when opponent grabs own ankle
Counter when we're flat and opponent has one leg in
Counter when we're flat and opponent has one leg in variation
Part 7:
Defending double boots when we're flat
Defending near side single wrist
Defending the cross wrist
Countering when ankle is trapped
Knee slide from flat
Octopus escape
Octopus escape from cross wrist ride
Counter to far wrist control when flat
Cross wrist reversal from flat
Part 8:
Intro to unconventional techniques
The sampson
X tilt
X stack
X grip to double grapes
Wheelbarrel turn
Hurdeler turk
Sankaku turk
Reverse cross face from legs
4 finger control from top
Calf slicer tilt
Reverse single leg to bow and arrow turn
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