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Keep your opponent off guard with NCAA Champ, Zack Esposito’s COMPLETE Over-Under System! Learn a proven system that applies to all grappling sports
Associate Head Coach of the legendary Oklahoma State University, Zack Esposito has a trick or two up his sleeve!
Learn how to move, clear, and SCORE from the Over-Under position.
NO need to shoot from the outside, Zack teaches you how to get into your opponent and force mistakes.
Give yourself the upper hand by being attached to your opponent!
As a bonus learn how to wrestle against a wall, PERFECT for MMA!
The Complete Over-Under System looks to provide a game plan for ALL wrestlers. By using the Over-Under system you take athleticism out of the equation. While it would be great to hit low singles from across the mat, many wrestlers don’t have the sort of explosiveness required. This is where the Over-Under shines!
The  Over-Under position is very common in wrestling. Many athletes look at it as a 50/50 position, meaning that the athlete with superior technique wins. This is where Zack Esposito looks to give you the winning formula to dominate from the Over-Under.
Part 1:
Introduction to the Over and Under Position
Different Ways to Earn the Over and Under Position
Pummel Drill - Fast, Slow, Movement
Pummel Drill to Duck Under
Pummel to Bear Hug - Finish to Back
Part 2
Attacking From The Over and Under Position
Push to Single Leg
Slide to Double Leg
Ankle Pick
Foot Sweep
Foot Sweep to Go Behind
Front Headlock
Snap and Go Behind
Slide Off
Part 3:
Throws From The Over and Under Position
Attacking Hand to the Inside of the Leg
Jamill Kelly Leg Kick
Step Across Throw
Mechanics of the Inside Trip From The Outside
Inside Trip From A Shot Offensively and Defensively
Lateral Drop - Twist and Whip
Polish Throw
Chain Wrestling Over and Under Position - Inside Trip to Lateral Drop
Chain Wrestling Over and Under Position - Jamill Kelly Leg Kick to Step Across Throw
Chain Wrestling Over and Under Position - Opponent's Shot to Lateral Drop
Part 4:
Over and Under Position Against The Wall For MMA
Intro to Wall Work
Switching Defensive to Offensive Wall Position Finishing With Leg Attack
Using Underhook Hand to Inside of Leg to Flip Wall Position
Using Underhook and Leg Hook to Earn A Takedown Against The Wall
Using The Cross Step to Earn A Takedown Off The Wall
Getting Out of the Corner Drill
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