Everything From Seionage to Sode by Gevrise Emane


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3x World Champ Gévrise Émane, teaches you how to attack from all angles with Seoi Nage and Sode Tsurikomi.
Revitalize your throwing skills by learning efficient variations of Seoi Nage that catch your opponent off guard.
Learn to defend high handed grips and immediately enter into Ippon Seoi Nage.
Gévrise teaches you multiple gripping options to help you land Sode Tsurikomi.
Cover EVERYTHING from these classic techniques!
Seoi Nage and Sode Tsurikomi Goshi are two classic techniques that have seen success at the very top level of competition. Gévrise Émane is a 3x World Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist, and made a career using these techniques to trick and trap her opponents. Are you looking for a systematic approach to hitting Seoi Nage? Gévrise Émane has your back!
This 2-part instructional packs in endless details that deal with how to get grips, create kuzushi, and finish your throw. Gévrise teaches you how to be in an advantageous position with foot work and proper grips. Everything From Seoi Nage To Sode doesn’t require you to be overly strong or athletic, Gévrise demonstrates how to grasp key concepts that will leave your opponent flat on their back!
While Seoi Nage and Sode could appear to be strength based techniques, most of their power comes from a good set up and tuned-in timing. This is good news for those of us out there who are training with BIGGER opponents! Gévrise unlocks that critical timing needed to pull off these techniques with surgical precision.
Do you have trouble getting the timing down on techniques? Gévrise helps you tune into the proper timing by attacking with combinations. For instance there is a section in Everything From Seoi Nage To Sode, where Gévrise covers complimentary attacks that FORCE a reaction from your opponent. This can help you anticipate their next move. If you know the steps ahead of time executing the proper timing is much easier. Use jabbing techniques like Ouchi and Kouchi Gari to create an opening for your favorite flavor of Seoi Nage.
If you have your timing hammered down, it’s a perfect time to learn the Drop Seoi Nage! This slick variation involves getting underneath your opponent by dropping to your knees. This added gravitational pull is sure to send your opponent to the mat!
So, What Exactly Is On This Series?
Part 1:
Ippon Seo Nage 
Ouchi to Ippon Seo Nage 
Ippon Seo Nage defending High Hand 
Drop Seo Nage from Double Collar grip 
Ippon Seo Nage To Juji Gatame 
Sode Right vs Right 
Sode Left vs Right Traditional 
Sode Left vs Right with Cross Grip 
Morote Seo Nage right vs right 
Morote Seo Nage left vs right 
Morote Seo Nage left vs right dropping forward
Part 2:
Ippon Seo Nage to Makikomi 
Pull by to setup Newaza
Pull by to Juji Gatame 
Kumi Kata right vs right into Seo Nage 
Sumi Gaeshi 
Breaking Opponent’s collar grip into Seoi Nage 
Ouchi To Ippon Seio Nage
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