• Commando Krav Maga Street Survival-Moni Aizik

On the street there is only one rule of engagement, Survival! You must finish what others have started. An immediate and decisive response is required. There will be no bell and no referee.

With the deceptively simple and easy to learn techniques of Commando Krav Maga (C.K.M.) you will respond intuitively to violent encounters and against any weapon.

C.K.M. carries no excess baggage. It is a highly evolved system stripped of superfluous aspects. Street Survival is about the outcome not the art.

This DVD offers you an option. The option of survival. You will gain confidence and walk taller down the road less traveled.

When avoidance fails, action must be fast and it must be final. C.K.M. advocates an explosive and immediate resolution to all forms of street attack.

In C.K.M one size fits all. The system is carefully engineered to work regardless of your size or strength.

Moni Aizik talks and walks Commando Krav Maga. An experienced combatant, he gives you the tools you need to protect yourself and those around you.

Be your own Guardian Angel. This DVD will help you build a suit of armour for the 21st Century urban battlefield.

Moni Aizik, Ex-Israeli Special Forces
-Counter-Terrorism Expert
-Special Ops Commando
-Over 30 years of combat Experience
-Founder of Commando Krav Maga
-Instructor to No-Holds Barred champion fighters

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Commando Krav Maga Street Survival-Moni Aizik

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