The whole program for the passage of 1st dan black belt Kravmaga in one video! Under the leadership of Richard Douieb, discover and practice the official Krav Maga techniques for obtaining the prestigious black belt.

Richard Douieb began Martial Arts in 1973 and became champion of France of American Boxing in 1983 and 1984. He made his learning Krav Maga in Israel, among the founder of the method: Imi Lichtenfeld. In 1988 he was appointed by his master to represent in Europe and it is France that he chose to create the first school of Krav Maga. Since Richard Douieb led and trained prestigious response units as well as many civilians in different European countries.
Richard Douieb is technical coordinator and technical authority for Krav Maga to FFKDA with the official rank of 6th dan.

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Krav Maga Black Belt Dan 1-Krav Maga Par Ceinture Noire

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