Master this deadly and efficient form of self-defense to protect yourself and your loved ones in the streets
Recruit the tools necessary to fight with confidence and defend yourself in close quarters attacks
Learn the best answers to the most dangerous and common self-defense scenarios
Prepare your mind and body for attacks from every position imaginable and respond with intelligence and aggressive technique
Krav Maga is widely regarded for its EXTREME EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY in real-life self-defense encounters. Originally developed and implemented by the Israeli military, this deadly and straightforward form of combat recruits elements of multiple martial arts to make up its highly useful set of training tools, providing the user with a SIMPLE ROADMAP FOR STREET SELF DEFENSE SUCCESS. Targeting attackers where they are most vulnerable and using applicable techniques to SUBDUE AND INCAPACITATE are at the forefront of this amazing system of practical self-defense.
Frass Azab will assist you in CONTROLLING AND DOMINATING A VARIETY OF COMMON COMBATIVE EXCHANGES and show you how to win in the streets with the help of this incredibly effective system. Azab’s innovations and contributions to the art have been amassed over a period of several years through his unique background working in security and bodyguard fields, gaining precious and applicable knowledge from his experiences. Azab’s close study in the real world setting has given him a view through a different lens than most and this has allowed him to develop a system that can quickly be adopted by all to PREPARE YOU FOR THE WORST CASE SCENARIO!
During this 4-part series packed with life saving information, Azab will show you how to turn your body into THE ULTIMATE OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE MACHINE, recruiting only the most effective techniques for REAL WORLD APPLICATION. He’ll take you from the feet to the ground, and just about everywhere else you could possibly imagine, staving off attackers from vulnerable positions and then turning the tables so that you can DOMINATE ANY ASSAILANT WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.
Azab’s unique background quickly becomes apparent as you work your way through these 4 exciting volumes. His perception and bank of knowledge runs deep and this is clear in his instruction and guidance. Anyone can mine gold from this series as it is very simple to follow and the principles are incredibly easy to grasp!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Introduction to Krav Maga 
Basic Stance
Push Pull 
Tagging Drill
Tactical Get Up 
Two hands behind back with leg cocked 
Double Knee Kick 
On back 
Double Leg Finish 
Crab walk
Scissor sweep
Part 2:
Early Stage Sprawling 
Intro to Sprawling & the Crow Hop 
Pancake Sprawl 
Inline Sprawl 
Outline Sprawl 
Cow catcher
Chin Strap 
Pads to Takedown Drill 
Late Stage Sprawling 
Elbows to head 
Spearing elbow 
Cross face 
Brain buster 
Wall Sprawling 
Elbows to Head & Neck 
Spearing Elbow 
Cross face 
Brain buster 
Takedown Recovery 
Elbow Head Trap 
Clinch & Trap 
‘Head Pop’ Variations: Clinch to Fishhook
Rag Doll
Cross Collar Shrimp
Part 3:
Ground Kick Defense
Referees Position 
Wrap & Roll 
Fetal Block 
Double Wrap & Roll 
Drills: Stomp Drill 
Standing Mount 
Ashi Garami Sweep 
Wrap & Roll 
Full Mount 
Introduction to Combative Bucking 
Swiss Army Concept 
Pad Familiarization 
Closing Distance Against Strikes: spearing elbow 
Shirt pull & clinch 
Collar elbow tie up
Defending the passion choke: combative buck 
Standard Mount Escapes: Trap,Fake, Roll 
Bear Trap
Arm Trap & Roll 
Arm Trap to Arm Break 
Bonus Offense From Mount
Neck breaker
Striking from mount
Part 4:
Z-Guard: leg kick out 
Scissor sweep 
Badger Bite
Closed Guard: Combative armbar 
Neck Breaker 
Combative Kimura 
Opening the Guard: Elbow to thigh
Hop & pop 
Knee in Tailbone 
Ankle Lock 
Scarf Hold 
Scarf hold entry 
The headlock 
Escaping the scarf hold: Bear hug
Fish hook crank 
The dominator 
Shrimp and escape 
Paulson Muzzle 
Offense from Scarf hold: Punch & Eye Rake 
Head & Arm Triangle 
Arm Breaker 
Shoulder Breaker
Rear Mount 
Defense: Up and over 
Bridge & Beat 
Dirty Tactics 
Jailhouse Strangle 
Offense: Punch in
Fulcrum Shifter 
Cross Face 
Short Choke 
Legal Ramifications & Self Defense 
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Krav Maga Close Range Fighting On The Streets by Frass Azab

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