Aaron Jannetti is one of the best modern day self-defense specialists
Learn how to defend yourself in virtually any situation
Gain the confidence to feel comfortable anywhere at anytime
Learn this easy to use system and change your entire perspective on self-defense
Be prepared for the worst
Aaron has two Krav Maga black belts and two diplomas from Wingate University in Israel as well as years of training/teaching in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, thai boxing, firearms and Kali. 
Aaron is an owner/operator of Endeavor Defense and Fitness. His passion for teaching and knowledge of self-defense, and strength and conditioning, has allowed him to travel the US and teach his interpretation of Self Defense in more than 25 states. Aaron has trained in various martial arts, is the creator of the "Active Shooter Response Program", and author of "How to Survive an Active Killer."
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Beyond Krav Maga by Aaron Jannetti

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