I Can Do Nunchaku-Master Seong Won Jin


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Feature Seong Won Jin who is the best nunchaku master in Korea shows his fantastic demonstration.
Master Jin teaches from how to grip a nunchaku to the highest technique using not only arms but also legs and whole body.
Master Jin discloses his know-how and various technique that he has practiced for 20 years. Now, It's your turn.
From the Beginner to the expert of Nunchku anyone can learn the nunchaku through this title. As written before there are 65 different sections.

Contents :

Vol. 1
1. Front Attack
2. Up-Down Strike
3. Up-Down Spin Strike
4. Up-Down Front Attack
5. Up-Down Spin Cross Catch
6. Diagonal Attack
7. Swing
8. Swing Side
9. Swing Knee
10.Reverse Hold Swing
11.Swing Shoulder
12.Throw after Swing
13.Catch by Crook after Swing
14.Swing Leg
15.Swing Both Legs
16.Thihg in-out Strike
17.Swing Thigh
18.Swing Sole
19.Swing knee and Sole
20.Sole in-out Strike
21.Strike Outside of Sole
22.Sole in-out and Front Strike
23.Back Sole Strike
24.Back and Front Sole Strike
25.Sole Strike as Jump Front Kick

26.Interlink skill 1.
27.Throw Catch from Below Leg
28.Left-Right Raising Strike
29.One Shoulder Spinning
30.Back Left-Right Raising Strike
31.Spinning Catch
32.Horizon Corss Catch
33.Horizon Spinning
34.Horizon Double Spinning
35.Horizon Spinning Catch
36.Horizon Spinning Leg Catch
37.Swing "X"
38.Sole Strike after wing "X"
39.Spinning "X"
40.Left-Right Spinning Catch
41.Continuity Spinning
42.Wrist Spinning
43.Reverse Catch Spinning "X"
44.Spinning Wheel
45.Neck Rebound Strike
46.Neck-Waist Rebound Strike
47.Neck Spinning

48.Neck Rebound Attack after Swing "X"
50.Jumpping Kick and Spining
51.Middle-High Spinning Attack
52.Middle-High Spinning Neck Rebound Attack
53.Interlink skill 2.
54.Instep of a Foot Strike
55.Diagonal Leg Strike After Both Legs
56.Left-Right Reverse Catch
57.Spinning X After Left-Right Reverse Catch
58.Swing Knee-Sole
59.Sending Back After Swing Reverse Catch
60.Neck-Sole-Thigh Diagonal Strike
61.Neck Rebound Horizon Spining
62.Side Throw Catch
63.Neck Rebound Strike After Swing X
64.Waist-Over Head Strike
65.Waist-Knee-Neck Rebound Spinning Attack

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