• Target Focus Training TFT Striking Series 4 DVD set
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In addition, here’s more of what’s covered:
The 3 (and only 3) times when you DON’T want to step into your target to generate injury.
How to put a structurally sound part of your body onto a structurally UNsound part of his… with devastating results!
Rhythm in violence? You bet! The 2 surprising benefits you instantly get when adding it to a Strike.
Want to get “lucky” when Striking some punk? Then NEVER ignore this. It’s the most important consideration in violence!
The crucial relationship between Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy and Injury! Spend a couple minutes with these concepts and you’ll multiply your power geometrically (this is the huge advantage you have over some dimwit scumbag who never will get it). By the way: once you understand it, the relationship above can be summarized into one simple sentence you’ll never forget.
Eliminating the potential for self-injury (how to stop doing the wrong stuff you probably learned as a kid).
Dangerous or poor mechanics that rob you of power.
The 1 real goal of criminal violence! It’s the concept we modeled Striking after. And if you expect your personal protection or self-defense system to work any time, every time, it better be modeled on this, too.
The components of impact trauma, and how you can maximize them to cause debilitating injury!
Why Striking is where Structural Dynamics & Sports Medicine collide!
The secret to “hitting him in the jaw and breaking his wrist!” It’s school yard physics applied in the service of violence.
Why you almost NEVER Strike targets with targets! (Yet almost everyone unwittingly trains this way).
Discover the principles that make Striking the “base engine that drives all violence!” Hint: they’re the same ones that make any kind of injury in violence work.
The little-known secret that “glues” his feet to the ground… assuring he falls in a crumpled heap, sustaining maximum injury. Simple, reliable physics gives you the trauma you want… every single time! Without it, you’re hoping he goes down. And leaving something to chance in violence is gambling with your life.
How to dramatically increase your striking power to deliver 3 1/2 times your bodyweight in striking power.
How to utilize follow-through to increase the man’s injuries.
The 2 huge benefits penetration gives you (“keeping your distance” only seems like the safe place to be).
And much, MUCH more…
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Target Focus Training TFT Striking Series 4 DVD set

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