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To walk as a warrior for all our days we need to be smart. We have so many things to train that if we train them all one at a time there won't be enough time in the day. This applies particularly in the case of aerobic training. If done as many do (running, stairmaster, precor, bicycle, swimming etc) aerobic training can burn up a lot of time and energy. Not only can this be really boring, but in many cases the high repetition can lead to chronic injuries-- all this without simultaneously cultivating fighting skills!

Enter "Kali Fitness" by Guro Lonely Dog.

This is the routine that has drawn rave reviews during Guro Lonely's seminars throughout Europe. The DVD begins with a section wherein Guro Lonely breaks down the movements that you will be training. Lots of practical fighting insight here! The progression of movements ingeniously varies movements standing with one's on the ground.

Then it is time to sweat! Put the DVD in and get in a serious aerobic session AND serious reps of important fighting skills while modeling on an outstanding fighter and technician.

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