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"This DVD is all about submissions, which are the true essence of BJJ. A lot of students who bought my bestselling instructional DVD series asked for such a tape. These submissions are truly my favorite ones! I have been using them for over 20 years of competition and now it is time for me to share them with you!
Enjoy it!

A BJJ class with world- renowned athlete and teacher Rodrigo Medeiros. This is a two volume set. Both volumes are included on a single DVD. 11 submissions are explained in full detail in each volume, 22 submissions
total in both of them. Extra footage included on the DVD:

1. Basic techniques seminar footage.

2. In-depth interview. Rodrigo shares his insights and tips that will help you become a BJJ specialist in a real life, no-nonsense manner.

All techniques are listed in both English and Portuguese.


Vol 1:
-Americana from side control
-Choke from americana 1
-Choke from americana 2
-Choke with lapel from side control
-Choke with lapel from knee on belly
-Inverted choke from knee on belly
-Inverted arm lock from knee on belly
-Choke involving crossing arm from side control
-Choke with crossing lapel from closed guard
-Armlock involving arm from the closed guard
-Shoulder lock involving arm from the closed guard
-Omoplata from arm involved in the closed guard

Bonus footage 1:
Rodrigo Medeiros seminar in Greece

Vol 2:

-Triangle choke from the open guard
-Arm lock from the open guard
-Double attack with choke 1
-Double attack with choke 2
-Double attack with choke/armbar
-Back choke holding the gi pants
-Armlock from the back
-Clock choke
-Clock choke variation 2
-Crucifix choke

Bonus footage 2:
Rodrigo Medeiros seminar in Greece

Rodrigo Medeiros interview

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