Marcelo Garcia Series 3-Winning Techniques of Submission Grappling


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Marcelo Garcia does it again! After winning the 2005 Submission Grappling championships, Marcelo returns to show all of the techniques and strategies that make it possible for him to dominate his opponents. Picking up where Series One left off, Garcia covers more advanced techniques like the X-Guard, Arm Drags, Taking the Back, and more. This is his biggest DVD set to date with 6 hours of instructional teachings plus 2005 Abu Dhabi Fight footage of Garcia in action! You won’t want to miss this set!

On this DVD, Marcelo teaches his amazing takedown game for submission grappling. The takedowns on this DVD are some of the most advanced that you will ever see on video and are ones that Garcia uses with great success in his submission fights. Single leg, double leg, slick counters and variations and many, many more.

The amazing guard passing game of the greatest submission grappler of all time! A highly detailed DVD dealing with open and closed guard passes from standing and on the ground. You will first learn Marcelo’s tricks on how he controls his opponents when inside their guard and then how to pass the guard as only he can. Tons of details and strategy surrounding his guard passing game. Learn his secrets of letting the opponent think he can sweep you, only to make your guard pass easier. Also included is Garcia in action!

Everyone knows that Marcelo Garcia rewrote the book on sweeps. This DVD captures everything he does with stunning detail to his strategy and techniques! Learn his sweeps from the closed guard, open guard, X-Guard, using arm drags and more. This DVD goes well beyond just techniques taking you into the real core of his sweep game. Learn Marcelo’s slickest concepts like baiting your opponent into passing your guard only to make your sweep easier to pull off. Marcelo holds nothing back on this DVD.

Taking the back of his opponents is Garcia’s signature technique and this DVD delivers big with all his newest techniques. Garcia teaches these new back taking techniques from every position possible including passing the guard, arm drag counters, submissions counters and many more. This is his most complete back position DVD and one of the best we have ever made. Also included is Garcia in action!

Looking for the newest ways to submit your opponents? Garcia explodes on this volume showing some of the most advanced submissions you will ever see on any DVD. This DVD has it all with submissions like chokes, arm bars, leg locks and more. These are Marcelo’s most advanced moves that enable him to win year after year in the submission grappling world championships. This may become your best submission video ever! Also included is Garcia in action!

Volume 6 & 7: ESCAPES 1 & 2.
This is with out a doubt the largest and most advanced DVD ever produced on grappling escapes. Covering a staggering two full volumes, this DVD details the slickest escapes you will ever see from positions like the cross body, knee on belly, turtle guard, back mount and more. He also covers his favorite escapes from many common submissions like arm bars, triangle chokes and more. We promise that you will not see these escapes this effective anywhere else!

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