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Advantages of Kukkiwon Taekwondo DVD

1. The DVD is composed of basic stances, poosae and applications so that trainees can learn from the very basics to the advanced level.

2. Since today's students are familiar with the midium of audio and visuals, we created a high-quality video with various cinematographic methods for the trainees to learn complicated moves and follow the sequence of movements more easily. We used sophisticated techniques to add more fun.

3. More comprehensive classes are possible through graphics, C.G, and detailed narration of movements, especially of  moves that trainees often mistake or ones that need special attention.

4. The line of movement, or poomsae line, is displayed on the upper left corner of the screen so that the trainee can make sure he is following the movements at the right place

5. The teachers on the video are certified Kukkiwon trainers.
Viewers will be able to see their performance is differentiated from others.
In the poomsae part, highly skilled trainers with years' of training experience perform precise moves and teach the principles of basic stances and 17 poomsae moves.
Trainees can learn "traditional Taekwondo" with this video.

6. The DVD takes place in the studio and in public (Gyeongbok Palace) to bring variety in the setting, and to enable trainees to see the beauty of Korean cultural heritage.

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