Aikido Ukemi Vol 2-Donovan Waite


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Aikido Ukemi Vol 2 by Donovan Waite

In part 2 of this 2 part series, Waite Sensei turns his attention from the technique of falling to general principles of ukemi. To stay safe while providing good practice for nage (he argues), uke must:

  • maintain contact throughout the entire interaction
  • offer a committed "attack"
  • remain relaxed
  • be sincere

Waite Sensei also discusses the "high falls" that Aikidoists sometimes take from throws such as shihonage, koshinage, or jujinage. Admitting that these falls have a place in Aikido practice, he suggests alternatives in which uke "rolls on the mat rather than in the air." The two-tape set offers a complete, thoughtful, and sometimes novel study of Aikido ukemi. Images shows are from V1.

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Rilis 1999

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