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The most anticipated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional series in years is finally here! Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2 will take your game to amazing new heights by delivering more of those Revolution 1 style techniques that you loved so much and adding all new advanced material that will blow you away! This new DVD series also marks the introduction of yet another set of new, never before seen techniques like the amazing X-Pass and Running Escape. Be the first in your academy to gain these incredible techniques from the 6-Time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Saulo Ribeiro.

DVD 1. Modified Takedowns for Jiu-jitsu
Saulos Takedown DVD is here! Saulo blends Judo with Jiu-Jitsu and has created one of the best systems for throws today.
1. Stance and posture
2. Making your grips
3. Breaking grips 1
4. Breaking grips 2
5. Ankle pick takedown
6. Kouchi-gari
7. Drop seoi-nage
8. Kouchi-gari and Drop seoi-nage combination
9. Footwork and footsweep
10. Ouchi-gari
11. Traditional grip double leg
12. Traditional grip single leg counter 1
13. Traditional grip single leg counter 2

DVD 2: The X-Pass
The X-Pass is the hottest new guard passing technique on the planet. Saulo teaches the whole system with variations and strategies
1. Guard opening details
2. X-pass
3. X-pass knee slide variation
4. Negative X-pass
5. Butterfly guard X-pass
6. Butterfly guard negative X-pass
7. Standing butterfly X-pass
8. De la Riva hook X-passes
9. Heel control negative X-pass

DVD 3: Advanced Guard
This slick DVD will teach how to stop all of the top guard passes in the game today. Learn to use you guard the right way and stop anyone regardless of skill.
1. Inside bump guard recovery
2. Escaping and countering head control
3. Brabo choke counter
4. Deep half guard sweeps
5. Deep half guard to X-Guard sweep
6. Escrima pass counter sweep
7. Escrima pass counter variation
8. Recovering base against deep half guard
9. Preventing deep half guard sweep
10. New kickback pass
11. Passing to the mount details
12. Knee slide half guard pass details.

DVD 4: Advanced Half Guard
This half guard DVD will blow you away! More slick half guard tricks, counters and sweeps then you can imagine.
1. Hip mobility drill
2. Bullfighter pass defense
3. Bullfighter pass sweep
4. Knee slide pass defense
5. Late knee slide pass counter
6. Leg weave pass defense
7. Leg weave pass defense 2
8. Hip hug pass counters
9. Single leg guard outside sweep
10. Single leg guard pass counter
11. Single leg guard to half guard sweep
12. Scissors sweep variation
13. Scissors guard triangle
14. Omoplata drill and set ups

DVD 5: The Running Escape
Just when you thought you’d seen it all! The Running Escape is going to change the way you escape positions forever!
1. Defensive bump and inside bump
2. Cross body escape drills
3. Running escape
4. Running escape against body control
5. Running escape drills and knee in belly escape
6. Knee in belly escape drill
7. Deep knee in belly escape
8. North south running escape

DVD 6: Advanced Turtle position
This is Saulos take on one of the fastest growing and most misunderstood positions. Learn the Turtle from the 6-Time World Champion!
1. Recovering the guard from the turtle position
2. Defending the clock choke
3. Escaping the clock choke late
4. Escaping double lapel control
5. Escaping backpack position
6. Escaping the single hook
7. Taking the back from the single hook
8. Side control from blocked back attempt
9. Escape from technical mount early
10. Escape from technical mount late

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