Primal Power: Unlocking the Body's Natural Grappling Abilities-Kevin Secours


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In the chaos of a fight, the distance between you and your attacker can disappear in an instant. With no room to run, little space to strike and your nervous system jumping into overload, the physical and psychological demands of close range combat are unequalled.This is why warriors since the dawn of civilization have used grappling to hone their fighting skills. Sadly, for many modern martial artists, grappling has been reduced to the memorization of fragmented techniques they simply cannot reproduce under the stress of real conflict.

In this exciting 2-volume DVD set, you'll enhance your understanding of the fundamental principles at the core of effective grappling. You will learn:
* New breathwork to help prepare yourself for the physical and psychological demands of grappling when your life is on the line
* Biomechanical drills that will allow you to move with grace and efficiency in even the most difficult positions
* Escapes from pins and submissions
* How to multiply your takedown and throwing power
* The most effective ways to choke and restrain your attacker without inflicting serious harm
* How to control your opponent with arm and leg locks
* And how to integrate powerful striking with your grappling skills.
The set also includes footage of full speed training against strikers, submission grapplers and snow training.
Your natural grappling power is waiting to be unleashed.

Kevin Secours is:
* Senior Certified Systema Instructor, Director of Montreal Systema Academy
* 3rd degree Black Belt in Modern Kempo Jujitsu, 1st degree Black Belt in Akai Ryu Jujitsu, full instructor in Five Animal Shaolin Chuanshu

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