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Marco Ruas is a Brazilian fighting legend! Not only has Marco Ruas competed at the highest level of Mixed Martial Arts in events such as the UFC™ and Pride™, but he's also famous for his dominance in Brazilian Vale Tudo competition, where the rules are minimal and include many techniques not permitted in Mixed Martial Arts, and the fights are conducted without gloves! To survive in Vale Tudo competition you not only have to be tough - but you also have to be skilled, and Marco Ruas is the real deal!

Learn the lethal techniques of the highly effective Ruas system. Marco Ruas shows the various techniques needed to be a first class competitor such as striking and takedowns, as well as foot, knee and ankle locks.

Marco will show you deadly Brazilian Vale Tudo techniques that you won't be shown elsewhere, such as various ways to use headbutts, knees to the head on the floor, devastating elbow strikes, and much much more!

Marco will also prepare you for combat with ring strategy, sweeps, throws, chokes, arm locks, leg locks and kicking and punching combinations. Also includes street fighting self defence techniques and a great heavy bag workout routine.

Here is a complete list of the 14 volumes included in this awesome box set:

  • Volume 1: Effective Vale Tudo Striking Techniques
  • Volume 2: Closing the Distance & Take Downs
  • Volume 3: The Guard & Attacking from the Guard Position
  • Volume 4: Passing the Guard & Controlling your Opponent
  • Volume 5: Foot, Knee & Ankle Locks
  • Volume 6: Winning Ring Strategy
  • Volume 7: Advanced Vale Tudo Submissions from the Guard
  • Volume 8: Advanced Vale Tudo Sweeps & Throws from the Guard
  • Volume 9: Advanced Vale Tudo Submissions from Side Mount
  • Volume 10: Advanced Vale Tudo Takedowns from the Standing Position
  • Volume 11: Advanced Vale Tudo Striking Combinations
  • Volume 12: Advanced Vale Tudo Ground Striking Techniques
  • Volume 13: Advanced Vale Tudo Street Fighting Techniques
  • Volume 14: Advanced Vale Tudo Heavy Bag Workout Routine

Format 4 DVD VOB
Durasi 506 menit

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