• Aikido Principles and Applications 2 DVD Set-Christian Tissier

In the first DVD, we propose to you, in a simple and very precise form, to discover all the techniques on the various forms of traditional attacks of the Aikido. After a presentation of its Art and its founder O Sensei Ueshiba you will discover, in no-claims bonus, of new images of files on different Doshu from Aikikai as well as a complete demonstration of Christian Tissier to the festival of the martial arts of Bercy. In the second DVD, we offer a presentation of all the throwing techniques of the traditional curriculum of Aikido on the various forms of attack. With a homage to the great Master Seigo Yamaguchi supported by images of files and demonstrations, this DVD proposes to you a teaching study of very high level as well as a discovery of the fundamental principles of Aikido.

Vol 1: Joint Locks:

-Introduction of Aikido

-Final immobilizations

-Shomen uchi: ikkyo to gokyo
--combination and description
--technique by technique

-Immobilizations after attacks
--ude garami
--hiji kimi osae

-International training with Moriteru Ueshiba Feb 7,8 2004 in Paris and demo of Christian Tissier

-3 generations of doshu: O sensei Ueshiba, Kishomaru Ueshiba, Moriteru Ueshiba

Vol 2: Throws:

-Tribute to Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei

-Presentation of the techniques of projection

--shiho nage
--irimi nage
--tenchi nage
--kaiten nage
--kote gaeshi
--ude kime nage
--naname kokyu nage
--juji garami
--aiki otoshi
--sumi otoshi

-Example of variations: shiho nage

-Demo at the Festival of Martial Arts in Paris 2004

-Archives of Yamaguchi Sensei

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Aikido Principles and Applications 2 DVD Set-Christian Tissier

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