Yin Style Baguazhang-Kicking and Footwork-He Jinbao


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Yin Style Bagua Kicking and Footwork
An Introduction to Training and Application

This martial art DVD continues the documentation of Yin Style Bagua fighting methods.

Yin Style Bagua is a martial art of striking while moving. A practitioner will use all parts of the body to execute attacks, with the use of leg techniques and accurate footwork being particularly important. Bagua leg techniques are said to be “heavy” – heavy not only in their power, but also in the heavy emphasis placed on their usage. In Yin Style, proper positioning of the feet while moving and attacking is considered essential in being an effective fighter. It allows the practitioner to gain advantageous position on the opponent while at the same time helping to maximize the power and effectiveness of techniques.

In this DVD, He Jinbao introduces training and applying footwork and kicking methods beginning with stance and stepping training. Then the eight Yin Style kicking attack methods - bending, stomping, springing, hip, chopping, swinging, ending, and stamping are explained along with a demonstration of their application on an opponent. Instruction for drilling the kicks in individual practice is also given. This is followed by an extensive demonstration of how footwork affects fighting application. Topics covered include: understanding proper foot placement and stepping patterns, applying bagua principles of turning and changing to footwork, and integrating body movement. Finally, a demonstration of how to set up kicks without telegraphing is given. This will help practitioners to apply the bagua principle of only using kicks when the opponent cannot see them coming.

He Jinbao began his study of Yin Style Bagua with Dr. Xie Peiqi in 1971. He has dedicated himself to training, teaching, and documenting this art with the hope that future generations of practitioners will carry on its remarkable power and effectiveness.

This DVD features two camera angles and English translation

Durasi 1 jam 40 menit.

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