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Seizing and Grasping Attacks  - A Deeper Understanding by He Jinbao

This martial art DVD continues the documentation of the application methods of Yin Style Bagua's lion system.

In Yin Style Baguazhang, the lion system represents the pure yang of the Qian trigram with fierce, violent, and direct attacks. But the last two of its attacking methods, seizing and grasping, could be thought of as "the yin within the yang," as they require a high degree of sensitivity to, and ability to manipulate, the opponent's force.

Seizing (qin) and grasping (na) are seen as one and the same in many Chinese martial arts. However, Yin Style Bagua treats them separately: seizing techniques aim to control the opponent such that he cannot use strength to resist, whereas grasping techniques are intended to damage or maim the opponent, thereby ending the fight.

This video is intended for practitioners already familiar with the fourteen seizing and grasping forms of the Qian trigram lion system. Techniques are chosen from each of these forms and discussed with explanations of hand and body movement, stepping, and use of force to give a deeper understanding of their intricacies. Examples of combining various seizing and grasping techniques are also given.

He Jinbao began his study of Yin Style Bagua with Dr. Xie Peiqi in 1971. He has dedicated himself to training, teaching, and documenting this art with the hope that future generations of practitioners will carry on its remarkable power and effectiveness.

This DVD features two camera angles and English translation.

Durasi 80 menit.

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