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ABANIKO TRES PUNTAS is a unique Philippine Classical Arnis System with intricacies of a traditional weapon oriented and close quarter technique applicable in Mano-Mano and empty hand combat. The combination of SANGA-PATAMA and SUNGKITI execution makes a deadly form of HAWI-TAPI and traps by Grand Master Mateo D. Estolloso of Antique, Philippines. The techniques can be seen from different angles, so that all details are shown very clearly.

Grandmaster Rene Tongson
Took his 1st formal Arnis lesson at age 9 under the guidance of GM Roberto Presas,using sugarcane since rattan sticks are scarce then.He went to proceed and learned MODERN ARNIS under the GM REMY AMADOR PRESAS principle and various Philippine Weapon Systems . Because of his dedication,he was given the highest privilege granted by the late GM MATEO D.ESTOLLOSO as his 1 st man under the ABANIKO TRES PUNTAS system.His leadership quality and wisdom, granted him the extra distinction as member of the MODERN ARNIS COUNCIL of MASTERS in the Philippines and Adviser to the International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines (IMAFP), and was recently awarded the International Grandmaster of the year Award for 2006 ,and acceptance to the International Martial Arts HALL of FAME,WORLD HEAD of FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL.

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