A true lover of sports, Mr. Remy A. Presas is the man behind Modern Arnis today. From the cold tomb of oblivion, Mr. Presas gave new life and meaning to the true Filipino martial art called Arnis. Arnis died with the passage of time as the incontrovertible onslaught of modern living and foreign influences blotted out this gem of the Filipino culture to merely one of the things of the forgotten past. Truly Arnis died with the times. If there were any devout practitioners of the art, they were a very negligible few not even worthy of the slightest attention. People then were so overwhelmed by the appeal of other foreign martial arts like judo, jujitsu, and karate, as to give a passing look to their own arnis. Such then was the sad status of the martial art of Arnis.

You will learn:

  1. Introduction to Advance Single Sinawali with Empty Hand Application
  2. Single Sinawali High And Low
  3. Single Sinawali with Thrusting
  4. Empty Hand Single Sinawali high and Low
  5. Empty Hand Single with Finger Locking
  6. Empty Hand Application Of Single Sinawali
  7. Empty Hand Sinawali with Throwing Techniques
  8. Empty Hand Trapping Techniques
  9. Stick Trapping Techniques

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Modern Arnis Filipino Martial Arts-Advance Single Sinawali With Empty Hand Applications-Remy Presas

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