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Forged in the crucible of application, Dog Brothers Martial Arts seeks truth in action. One piece of truth we have found is the Thai weaponry millitary system of Krabi Krabong-- the root of the ring sport of Muay Thai.

Over time we have developed a distinctive blend of KK and Filipino Kali that we think has a lot of fighting merit. The initials of the two combined would yield KKK-- which would be highly subject to misunderstanding! So we call our blend of the two "Los Triques" meaning "the three Ks".

This subsystem of DBMA is particularly suited for larger sticks. The training here is based around a "loop generator" which allows for primal power-crazed training in a safe and enjoyable manner so as to install "the Salty strike" and the kicks flowing from it to enter into media and corto ranges in a safe technical manner that truly allows the techniques of these ranges to be achieved in real time.

As always, "If you see it taught, you see it fought!"

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