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In the past, we’ve done training that would isolate other aspects of stick work. There is a large vacuum of stick grappling material available for FMA which was taught by FMAs. Japanese martial arts have stick grappling material in bookstores, there’s bits here and there from FMAs, but often not readily available. There’s material by the great Gene Lebell as well. However, nothing focusing entirely on the stick grappling and why stick grappling is an often ignored subject within the context of FMA stick work. The Sayoc Stick Grappling DVD introduces the stick as a viable equalizer against stick strikes utilizing many grappling concepts.

How well the FMA community embraces this opens the doors to the HUGE untapped (pardon the pun) grappling student body that have not seriously studied FMAs.

If one were to surf the net, you can see grappling instructors, even former JKD students negatively describing the drills of FMA. As ambassadors of FMA, Sayoc Kali Tuhon Thomas Kier presents material that speaks grappling and FMA language while SHOWING the effectiveness of Sayoc close range techniques and grappling material adapted to FMA.

In the history of Filipino tribal warfare, there are documented instances where observers would indicate warriors not merely hacking away at one another, but tying up their opponent and pretty much restraining them to use their edged weapon, like a Kalinga head ax.

The footage and scenarios presented are for instructional purposes and are not intended for sport or entertainment purposes. These were not ?fight club? sessions but scenarios which were designed to illustrate concepts on an uncooperative training partner.

ALL Training IS Fantasy.
Why? Because it is NEVER Real.
However, in any TRAINING, one can be susceptible to serious bodily injury. Especially REAL world simulated training. This wasn’t a contest… no prize money, no audience.
How can one justify teaching a method if they don’t know for sure the possible glitches inherent therein if they haven’t even seen it happen in real time? Not even seeing it in TRAINING time?

***Read the disclaimer for more information.***

Here’s a chance to SHOW a student of yours that:

1. A disarm can work. If trained it appropriately.
2. The fights don’t end when a stick is lost.
3. Other arts apply well – Sound TACTICS work better than Theories.
4. Hand hits might NOT work, and sometimes they do.
5. Projectiles can be used in a real time situation to your advantage
6. The environment can assist or handicap you, depending on your mindset.
7. Some installed Hubad drills can come in handy.
8. Size can or can not matter in a stick fight. But skill ALWAYS matters.
9. Impact Conditioning is important.
10. With light rattan, knockouts happen with repetitive shots.
11. A stick can equalize a grappler AND vice versa, a grappler can use a stick to THEIR advantage.
12. A submission can happen with a pressure point when a stick is involved.
13. A standup submission can happen with a stick.
14. Fancy twirling when done by someone who knows WHY they are doing it is effective.
15. Stick grip changes can be done in real time and effectively.
16. Some who do not practically train in the blade arts, have a huge misconception between what a blade can do and a stick. The gap is HUGE.
17. No headgear alters the way you fight. Many people think that the face is easy to strike until they realize that if you can get to the face, so can your opponent.

An opportunity to point out things to those who question your art, whether you are Sayoc or not. The DVDs material will support your training, or direct you in a path that will improve your training.
Regardless, the footage will not be the end all, but merely a point of reference for many of you. Note real time reactions and responses and EVOLVE methods from this. The footage can be studied and allay certain concerns or induce new ones. For example, the mere removal of padded gloves altered the whole dynamics of the fights. In Sayoc Kali we say that the methods evolved from the blood and sweat of those before us, perhaps so others won’t have to. In addition, it is to make sure when statements like, “Training the non dominant hand is crucial to your survival” we have evidence that support it. From there we can take the correct responses, and apply this method to REAL world scenarios.

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