ARMOR PLATED-The Encyclopedia of Defensive Skills for NHB and the Street-Mark Hatmaker


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The oft-heard tactic "the best defense is a good offense" may hold true most of the time in the ring or on the street, but what happens when your opponent has the same strategy? Like it or not, you need good defensive skills to be victorious, and the best resource for them is this hard-hitting video production. In it, best-selling author Mark Hatmaker has selected the most effective arsenal of defensive tactics from both stand-up fighting and wrestling, giving you the knowledge you need to keep from getting rocked by a haymaker, pounded in the mount or surprised by a nasty kick.

Hatmaker begins your instruction with basic techniques that work against any strike your opponent throws and then moves into the specifics of defending against punches, blocking kicks and even stopping elbows, knee strikes and headbutts. He then takes the fight to the ground, teaching you not only how to best protect against a grappler’s ground and pound game, but also how to turn the tables and put him on the defensive. If you want to be a true fighter, a good offense isn’t enough. You need a good defense. With this video, you’ll not only have that defense, you’ll be armor plated.
-The Basics
-High Jab Defenses
-High Cross Defenses
-High Lead Hook Defenses
-Uppercut Defenses
-Low Jab, Cross, and Hook Defenses
-Pivoting and Shifting
-Caught on the Ropes and Shelling Up
-Clinching Drills
-Elbow Defenses
-Headbutt Defenses
-Knee Defenses
-Kick Defenses
-Pick Offs
-Ground and Pound Defenses

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