Up Close and Personal-A Street-Smart Guide to Fighting from the Clinch-Richard Nance


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In a real street fight, your assailant will most likely try to force you into a clinch: that gray zone between striking and grappling distance. Punches and kicks are less effective in close quarters, and it's easier for a determined opponent to slam you to the concrete at that range. But now, Up Close and Personal from Paladin Press by self-defense experts Richard Nance and David Hallford teaches you the best way to fight and win in the clinch, no matter how large your attacker may be. Using principles of angle and leverage rather than brute strength, the authors take you through all types of clinches, from the collar-and-elbow tie to the Muay Thai neck clinch, so that whether you initiate the movement or find yourself in the clinch, you will know how to prevail.

Up Close and Personal also covers the most effective strikes from the clinch, showing you how to set your opponent up with short elbow and knee strikes before sending him crashing to the pavement. From there, the authors teach both firearm and knife acquisition and retention from the clinch, in case deadly force is warranted. Up Close and Personal is not a wrestling video: it is a self-defense program designed to teach you necessary skills for real-life combat. For information purposes only.

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