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Control & Conquer Knife Defense Package - Ask anybody what their worst nightmare is and they will most likely say, "Defending against a knife wielding maniac." We hear you loud and clear and we have a practical solution to real-world edged weapon attacks.

This knife attack defense dvd features one full hour of fast-paced, hard hitting knife survival instruction. Here, Contemporary Fighting Arts founder, Sammy Franco teaches you some of the most important life savings skills.

In CONTROL AND CONQUER (Volume 1) you will learn the four (4) knife defense principles that can save your life, the different types of edged weapons used by street criminals, knife familiarity, the five (5) types of knife encounters, the 4 possible defenses to a knife attack, static and dynamic knife attacks, understanding knife grips, knife palming cues, the 6 ways a criminal can injure or kill you with a knife, target vulnerability and anatomical orientation, how to select a good training knife, the knife defense stance, knife defense stance drills, essential knife defense footwork, how to control the knife attack, how to redirect the chest thrust attack, redirecting to manageable angles, the "V" grip, the "C" grip, the "V" grip orientation drill, the "V" grip engagement drill, Vaseline for blood and sweat simulation, 4 man "V" grip drill, and much more!

This is the "advanced companion DVD" in our knife defense series. Control & Conquer II picks up where volume 1 left off. This dynamic knife defense DVD will teach you the following essential life saving knife defense skills: the four knife defense principles, defending against a rear hand knife attacker, the 4 strategies of a rear hand knife attacker, escaping from the "grab and stab", countering the "grab and stab", wrist release escapes, how to engage with a one hand "V" grip, being held up at knife point, distraction techniques prior to disarming, flex and stab counters to a knife point attack, ground fighting a knife attacker, 1 and 2 hand "knife struggle" drills, the famous "war baby" drill, "Around the Corner" drill, the "knife run" drill, the seated knife jamming drill, weighted vest evasion drills, and much more!




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