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If you're ready, you can now learn the most advanced (but still easy and simple) knife-fighting techniques in the world. And you can learn them faster, and easier, and with less BS than anyone else. We found Felix Valencia - the most respected "streetfighting blade man" on the planet - and convinced him to let us videotape his ultimate lessons. These are the EXACT SAME SKILLS he teaches the elite soldiers, cops and agents who come to him begging for his knowledge. (Including Green Berets, the CIA, SEALS, etc.)

Here's what you're about to learn: There are two video training sessions in this package. Included are:

  • How to aggressively defend against a knife attack when you are bare-handed. (Critical skills if you want to stay alive in the street. There are always times when you will be surprised, without a weapon to rely on. And you do NOT want to get cut, ever.)
  • How to disarm a knife-wielding attacker in the blink of an eye. (You can let him run away, or you can do to him what he was about to do to you. Your choice.)
  • How to use a blade during close-quarters groundfighting. (You'll learn the easiest grappling techniques you've ever seen, as well. This stuff really is simple, once you have access to a great teacher like Felix.)
  • The secrets of street knife-fighting. (No dojo teacher who has never faced an armed gangbanger in the street could ever dream up what REALLY happens in a knife fight. Just knowing these secrets will make sure you survive situations where others get killed.)
  • How to use your own knife super-effectively in a fight? including the most tender and easiest to reach targets on his body. (You want to END a knife fight as quickly as possible. Here's how the professionals do it. Slice and dice (and get the hell out of there.)

Plus, an amazing display of live-action sparring that will give you the most accurate - and most life-saving - "inside" view of a real knife fight you'll ever witness. This means you will - unlike 99% of everyone else - understand exactly what will happen when blades are pulled. No surprises. You're as educated as the best in the world.

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