Hellbows-Destructives Elbow Techniques-James A Keating


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Destructive Elbow Attacks

There you are, minding your own business at a club when some big jerk spins you around by surprise and hauls off to slug you with a huge right hand...whooomp!

Mistaken identity?  Thought you looked at him funny?  Doesn't like how much fun you're having with your friends?  Just another drunk who's out of hand?  There's no time to find out or think now!

As his punch rockets in towards your head you give a little 'twitch' with your elbow and his bicep explodes in pain.  Reacting to the sudden shock he swings his other meathook at you, but two more of your elbow strikes destroy it and you whip him to the ground where he belongs with an unseen forearm crank and a little turn.

Security comes over and grab him off the floor, dragging him out.  One of them puts a hand on your shoulder.

"You OK buddy?" the bouncer asks.  "I thought that dude was going to take your head off with those big punches."

"Yeah, he hit me real hard." you find yourself saying.  "Lucky I got my hands up."

"That and he was so dunk he slipped after that second shot." he says laughingly.  "Anyhow, you stay out of trouble and have a better evening."

As you look around for your friends you start to think about what just happened.

Everything you did went unseen.  There were no fancy kicks or spectacular punching combos.  There was no blood on the floor or chipped teeth, no outward signs of a fight to speak of (though that joker will have some spectacular deep-muscle bruises on his arms tomorrow)

Lucky you knew the art of delivering devastating elbow attacks...known jokingly in the Comtech curriculum as 'Hellbows'!

Far from the simple elbow attacks learned in Karate or Kick Boxing, Hellbows teaches you how to integrate your elbows to attack and control out of trapping.  You've learned to fight at this range on the many previous Comtech DVDs and here you learn the integration of the elbow to off balance or destroy an opponent!

Plus, the concept of using the elbow defensively is thoroughly covered through a flowing series of five elbow shields.  If you've seen the elbow shields integrated with the kerambit on Modern Knives #2, then you've had a glimpse at them, but here we get the down and dirty on how specifically to train them and apply them against compound striking and kicking attacks.

Learn how these five simple actions can form a steel shield that both covers against an attack and damages the incoming limb.  With elbow shields the attacker's force, size, and strength are their own undoing - the harder they hit the more it will hurt them when they strike the shield!  It's kind of like on the old Buggs Bunny cartoons when someone would go to slug Buggs and rather than block he'd just pick up an anvil and let them punch it instead - yowzah, dat hoits indeed!

Hellbows is the first new release in the Comtech New-Millennium Series filmed 'live' on the ranch in Oregon.

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