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The Sayoc family system wasn’t actually organized into a curriculum until Tuhon Chris changed the name to Sayoc Fighting System in 1981.  Until then it was simply referred to as “Dugo ng Bansa” or “Blood of the Nation”. Tuhon Chris’ father (Tatang), Baltazar Sayoc had referred to the system as this, as well as many of his elders. This implied that the arts of the Philippines belonged to all the people of the Philippines and was a legacy of those who had shed blood to preserve their culture.  Later as they started teaching the public they simply referred to it as Arnis.

Tuhon Chris had been teaching his own system as well as Pekiti Tirsia during this time.  Later after a tournament at the United Nations, where he and his crew had performed extremely well against grown men, Tuhon Chris decided to go his own way and teach his own system.  So he formalized the Sayoc Fighting System, with his father as the “Tatang” or Father as head of the system.  However, it was the young Tuhon Chris who formalized the training programs, curriculum and taught most of the students. Tuhon Chris signed all thecertificates of rank along with his father “Tatang” Bo. Of course other members of the Sayoc household trained as well up to this point.  Chris Sayoc’s brothers and sisters trained in Tae Kwon Do, some trained sporadicallywith Master Leo Gaje, but it was the young Tuhon Chris who was the one in charge. He was the eldest, the most experienced.


  • Transition Drill Defined
  • The Types of Responses
  • The Types of Tapping
  • Transition Drill 1 Template
  • Flow
  • Variations
  • Level 1 – 5 Isolations
  • Stop Blocks
  • Silak
  • Disarms, Strips, and Percussion Hits
  • Details of a training Rig

Features Tuhons Tom Kier, Rafael Kayanan, Jimmie Sayoc, Jeff Sayoc, Felix Cortes, Guros Neil Mendez, Pat Consing, Brian Calaustro

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