Zen Sekai Goshin Jitsu-Gary Castanza


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Zen Sekai Goshin Jitsu-Gary Castanza
The Universal Art of Self-Defense
Starring Master Gary Castanza
Complete 7 DVD Set

To understand why, it’s important to know the martial arts culture. The teacher wasn’t known to his students as “Gary” or “Mr. Castanza,” he was “Soke” (pronounced so-KAY), a title reserved only for the top practitioner of a martial art. (Castanza had developed his own system of Zen Sekai Goshin Jitsu:

The Universal Art of Self-Defense, and therefore was the world’s foremost expert on it.) Whenever he walked into his “dojo,” or karate studio, his students would immediately halt all activities, turn to him and bow. Castanza wasn’t simply respected; he was revered. He was Universal Martial Arts Academy.

This DVD series was produced by Panther Productions featuring Grandmaster Castanza before his untimely passing and now serves as a great historical record of an incredible martial artist and revered teacher. Zen Sekai Goshin Jitsu is a martial arts system that incorporates the striking techniques of Karate with the throwing and joint locking techniques Jujitsu.

Zen Sekai Goshin Jitsu

Disc 1: Throws and Takedowns Part 1
(Approx. 59 mins)
Disc 2: Throws and Takedowns Part 2
(Approx. 60 mins)

Disc 3: Throws and Takedowns Part 3
(Approx. 58 mins)

Disc 4: Stick and Club Disarms
(Approx. 60 mins)

 Disc 5: Knife Disarms Part 1
(Approx. 62 mins)

Disc 6: Knife Disarms Part 2
(Approx. 55 mins)

kualitas DVDRip
total 7 DVD
Durasi 7 jam
detil lihat dipreview
Rilis 1994

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