Unarmed Combatives Level 1-2-3-Basic Training Crash Course-W Hock Hochheim


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Use police, military and martial tactics, strategies, tricks and solutions to save your life. This also represents Hock's Citizen Self-Defense Crash Course. See and learn vital, life-saving, skill-developing tactics and drills in standing, ground-fighting, criminal and military situations.


The Finger Strike Module
The Palm Strike Module
The Forearm Strike Module
The Groin Kick Module
The Stomp Module
The Knee Module
The Finger Break and Take Module
The Rear Takedown Module
The Circular Takedown Module
Crime Prevention Tips
Use of Force Issues and Rules of Engagement issues

Using only the principles involved with raw, essence of combat, Hock introduces these complete Levels 1-3 of his unarmed training course as they work against hand, stick, knife and gun attacks. Plus, learn insider crime prevention tactics, use of force, legal aspects and so much more from this military, police and martial veteran. This group is the required material for the Unarmed Combat Basic Instructor Course.

This information is also covered in comprehensive text and with hundreds of photos in the Unarmed Chapter of Training Mission One, Two and Three books.

"Hock, I've attended many of your seminars and it has totally changed my training. I've been practicing your solo mastery and am getting along fine. It filled in the gaps of my training enormously! I’m thinking along a whole new pattern of simplification where the UC principles are integrated and weapons is just the extension. Thanks again, you don’t know how many years I’ve tried to synthesize all the info and training myself, only to realize you already hit the epiphany. I look forward to another seminar." - Your Student, John Clements

"Hock's stuff is great! I highly recommend it to any LEO's wanting to train in the REAL deal. It can be learned quickly and useful things are learned from the first day that can be used on the street. I've trained in many different systems over a 30 year period, and Hock's stuff is the best I've seen to date." - Mike K.

"Hock, coming from law enforcement, I wish to thank you personally for the material that you have presented, and look forward to using more of what you have to present. I wish to thank you for your open minded views on other instructors. I know that, you too, have so much to present, to keep me coming home to my family in one piece and help me stay out of hot water." - HapkidoDoin

"I just kicked off a 10-class self-defense course at my school. We had 21 people show and 6 registered no-shows due to weather or illness. Of the 21, 11 were not current students and 5 of them I had never met, brand new to the building. Nine were women between 35 and 56 years-old. They paid $200. for ten 90-minute classes. Current members got a discount of $50. off. Couples got a buy one/get one free deal for Valentine's Day. If they complete the course and are interested, I will recommend Level 1 Unarmed promotions from Hock. It was a blast! Hock, I stole shamelessly from your Citizen's Self-Defense layout. Not necessary for me to reinvent the wheel. Only tweaked the rims a bit to better fit my art. Thanks for your support, as always" - Rob Kloss, Delaware

"Hock, received your UC basic and advanced sets today. I've had a chance to review the first 3 levels and Hock, your content is awesome. The way you break down the simple techniques and then drill them is great. I knew your vids would be kick ass and I wasn't disappointed at all!! Really glad I ordered this set and look forward to reviewing the next levels and other programs" - George Hutchings, Toronto, Canada

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