This unique dance/workout program has been designed to be safe and effective for pregnancy and follows the guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists.

Organic, flowing, energizing movement of bellydance helps to improve abdominal control and awareness, relieve aches and discomfort associated with pregnancy, promote better circulation, avoid swelling and cramping and prevent excessive weight gain. Bellydance hip movements will tone the muscles of your pelvic floor, whose strength is all-important for the birth, as well as for your postnatal recovery.

And, beyond all these benefits, it offers a fantastic motivation to stay beautiful and graceful throughout the pregnancy - in touch with your inner goddess!

Water: Warmup and stretches; slow, meditative section; opens by building dance Combination 1
Earth: Movements focused on the abdomen and lower body; medium-paced rhythmic section; the section culminates in building dance Combination 2
Air: Upper body movements; medium-paced rhythmic section, introducing Combination 3
Fire: Travel steps; medium-to-fast-paced dance section; in this section we build and practice Combination 4
Dance: Slow-to-medium-paced section: we put together Combinations 1, 2, 3 & 4 into a graceful flowing dance;
Light: Cooldown, slow, meditative section

This video is excellent for any belly dancer or student who wants to keep belly dancing during pregnancy and wants ideas on how to do so safely. It helps identify which moves might be particularly beneficial to the unique requirements the body has at this time.

Belly dance teachers often wonder what special needs their pregnant students might have, such as which moves to avoid or which are especially beneficial, and this video can help with that.

Because Naia was seven months pregnant at the time this was filmed, this video might also be attractive to full-figured women who would prefer a workout leader whose body is large like theirs.

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Prenatal Bellydance with Naia-Traditional Belly Dance in preparation for childbirth

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