2020 Modolfo ADCC Camp Sparring Sessions 8 Volumes


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2020 Modolfo ADCC Camp Sparring Sessions
Get a never-before-seen look inside the most exclusive training camp in the world with every day of the 2020 Modolfo ADCC Camp
Learn Henry Cejudo’s favorite takedowns and hear his championship advice to the athletes
See matchups you won’t see anywhere else as athletes roll with anyone, regardless of weight class or age
This is a super exclusive group of athletes, including Gordon & Nicky Ryan, Craig Jones, JT Torres, the Ruotolo brothers, Oliver Taza, and more.
Get a never-before-seen look inside the most exclusive training camp in the world, as BJJ Fanatics and the producers of ADCC join forces for the 2020 Modolfo ADCC Camp. With champions and athletes like Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, JT Torres, Henry Cejudo, and more together, you’ll see how they trained, learned, shared technique, and lived outside the gym in this Miami training camp. See the live rounds between every combination of athletes, with sparring matchups you won’t see anywhere else, with this one-of-a-kind access.
The Modolfo Camp is the idea of ADCC super producer Mo Jassim, who wanted to bring together elite fighters to live, train, and learn alongside each other while filming the whole thing for the public. Invitations went to ADCC champions, medalists, and contenders, and soon he had the single toughest training camp in the grappling world. To take things to the next level, he brought in Olympic gold medalist and UFC double champion Henry Cejudo to teach some of his best takedowns.
Watch every training session and see the sparring matches you won’t see anywhere else. How do Gordon and Nicky Ryan roll with each other? What does it look like when JT Torres and Craig Jones spar? Do you want to see Gordon Ryan wrestling with Olympic heavyweight wrestler Steve Mocco? What about young up-and-comers like the Ruotolo twins or BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix winner Oliver Taza? All of that and way, way more is available on this 8-volume series.
Learn the same important wrestling lessons that Henry Cejudo teaches to the group, and see the athletes wrestle live against each other and their own wrestling coaches. Henry Cejudo shows the same inside trip takedown that won him an Olympic championship, and you can see how these peak grappling athletes learn and ask questions to expand their arsenals. This is training you can only see here, with so many high level black belts all working together to improve.
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