Master This Super Effective Passing System That Grapplers Of Any Size Can Use To Slice Through The Half Guard, From The Most Successful Smaller Grappler Ever - 10-Time World Champion Bruno Malfacine

World Champion Black Belt Bruno Malfacine shows you how to destory the half guard in this 4-part passing series
Learn the best ways to use submissions, passes, back takes, and more to smash through stubborn half guards
se these techniques and combinations to pass half guard, even against fighters much bigger and stronger
Bruno Malfacine is a 10-Time IBJJF World Champion and the most successful smaller grappler of all time
Attack with knee slices, brabo chokes, reverse half guard passing, and more for technical success

Now is your chance to learn one of the most successful passing systems in all of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, from one of the most decorated world champions of all time in Bruno Malfacine. Bruno is a 10-Time Black Belt World Champion, and he teaches every key to passing and attacking submissions from the half guard, including how to use this system to beat opponents bigger and stronger than you.

Half guard is one of the most common positions in all of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and now you can get elite keys to how to shut down opponents and start passing. With some of the same combinations that Bruno was using at the world championship levels, use knee slices, armbars, kimuras, brabo chokes, and more against the half guard.

Bruno Malfacine is one of the most successful black belt competitors in history, with ten world gold medals and countless elite victories. As the most successful lower weight competitor of all-time, Bruno is able to explain how he as a smaller grappler can beat opponents and training partners that are bigger, stronger, and trying to smash him.

Finish fights from half guard with some of Bruno’s most effective submission threats from top position. Lock on brabo chokes, armbar variations, kimura, rear triangles, ezekiels, and more as Bruno Malfacine gives you tons of ways to get the tap without ever needing to pass.

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How To Beat Bigger Guys Half Guard Passing by Bruno Malfacine

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