• How To Beat Bigger Guys Open Guard Passing by Bruno Malfacine
Pass And Attack The Open Guard - Even Against Way Bigger People - With 10-Time Black Belt World Champion Bruno Malfacine’s 4-Part Guard Passing Mega Series

Learn 10-Time World Champion Bruno Malfacine’s guide to passing the guard, even against bigger, stronger opponents
Use some of Bruno’s most effective and combat-tested passes against the open guard, including collar and sleeve, De La Riva, X Guard, and more
Master Bruno’s toreando system, with his reactions and variations that can help you develop a complete gameplan for movement passing
Bruno Malfacine is a 10-Time IBJJF World Champion and the most successful smaller grappler of all time

Now is your chance to learn from one of the best lower weight competitors ever, as Bruno Malfacine teaches you his keys to attacking the open guard - including all the modern guards that Bruno has specialized in shutting down.

This 4-part series shares all of Bruno’s strongest passing techniques, with details on how to control the guard and then slice through with knee slices, long steps, cross steps, floating passes, and more.

Bruno Malfacine is one of the most successful black belt competitors in history, with ten world gold medals and countless elite victories. As the most successful lower weight competitor of all-time, Bruno is able to explain how he as a smaller grappler can beat opponents and training partners that are bigger, stronger, and trying to smash him.

Attack the open guard with collar and pants grips, the x guard, and the De La Riva, each one with useful instruction on passing chains that anyone can use. Also study Bruno’s toreando series, including his favorite variations and combos for movement passing.

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How To Beat Bigger Guys Open Guard Passing by Bruno Malfacine

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