• Leglocks Unlocked Part 2 by Tum Energia
Understand The Fundamentals Of The Full Guard And Grasp Exactly What It Takes To Break Down Their Defenses And Finish Submissions With Josh Moody

Dive into the fundamentals of the closed guard and cover topics such as the use of the guard and the center line.
Learn the proper ways to break posture and hand fight, and utilize the three directions of movements to start setting up killer attacks.
Effortlessly flow through the armbar, omoplata, triangle sequence and familiarize your body with these movements to hit them everytime in a match.
Check out some of the other great attacking options from the closed guard such as the kimura and the monkey guard back take.
Come full circle with your understanding of the full guard and make it one of your most dangerous positions.

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duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Release September 2021

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Leglocks Unlocked Part 2 by Tum Energia

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