Get Out Of Bad Positions On The Mat With No Speed, Flexibility, Or Athleticism Needed With These Techniques Designed For Older Grapplers From 5-Time Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria

Make your escapes as strong as possible so that you stop getting stuck in mount, side control, back control, and more
Bernardo Faria won 5 black belt IBJJF World Championships using these systems - and now he teaches every detail so it can help you
Use techniques like the upa escape, the half guard escape, the scissor escape, and many more - all of them great for older grapplers
This series is a huge honor for him :)
Get every detail you’ll need so that older grapplers can still find effective ways to get out of all of Jiu-Jitsu’s most common pinning positions

Join one of the best black belt competitors ever as Bernardo Faria shows you how OLDER and SLOWER grapplers can get out of all of BJJ’s most common pinning positions on this new 4-part instructional series all about how you can stop getting stuck and start getting out. With Bernardo teaching you all the best techniques, including common mistakes to avoid, you’ll see how an older grappler can best get out of mount, back, side control, and more.

Bernardo Faria was always unique as a black belt for having tons of success against the best in the world by using the half guard and relying on techniques that were usually for older guys in the room. Still, he was able to work these positions and study them until he could attack all the time with them - and he turned these moves into systems that helped him win 5 world championships at black belt, including an absolute championship in 2015.

Join Bernardo as he teaches an older grappler these lessons in real-time, showing him how to perform them so that you can watch how you can improve rapidly. You will get techniques for escaping side control, mount, back, turtle, and more - using movements that don’t need you to be fast or strong or flexible.

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Release June 2022

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Jiu Jitsu For Old Guys Positional Escapes by Bernardo Faria

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