Do you have trouble getting stuck in various formidable open guards? Especially against higher belts and your coach? We’ve all had that problem, so let’s deconstruct it. Open guards are very popular, because of how effective they are. They also pair well with each other, for example, Collar&Sleeve guard + De La Riva. It’s impossible to learn how to pass each of these guards individually with a specific recipe. It’s like being presented with 100 locks and needing 100 keys to open them (pass them).

Imagine shuffling around a cartoonish ring of keys as someone is moving you like a puppet with their spider guard. JT is here to make his case that the headquarters position is the master key. Headquarters is your destination for all of the open guards you are faced with. You neutralize them enough to get to your HQ. Now you are in a good position to counter-attack. No longer do you need an answer to specific problems, you have a familiar solution.

JT used HQ passing on the road to many impressive podium finishes. If he could use it against the very best in the world, then you can use it against that person at your academy whose guard is a source of your sobbing on the drive back home. Add this course to your collection and your passing will never be the same!

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Release March 2022

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Headquarters Passing by JT Torres

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